Program Overview

The Master’s Program in Applied Computational Mechanics (UGC Approved) offered at PESU in Bengaluru is the first part time Master’s program in India which serves both B-Tech freshers and working professionals at the same time. For working professionals, the insight and questions garnered from their practical application of FEM support the learning process at the universities. The newly acquired knowledge will benefit their careers, allowing participants to quickly produce results or establish new methods for their companies. Therefore, students and employers both benefit from the first day of class on!

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

With completion of the mater’s program at PESU, the internationally recognized title of “Master’s by Research in Applied Computational Mechanics” is awarded from PESU. You need to acquire 80 credits according to UGC to complete your degree. Each module completes with a written exam or a project presentation.


Degree Awarded

Master’s (M. Eng., 80 credits)

Course Duration

3 years ( 6 semesters )


  • Industry Experts
  • Experienced Professors
  • Foreign Lecturers

Medium of instruction


Master’s Program for Engineers with & without Simulation Experience

The career-integrated program is a module-concept and contains 80 credits total. Successful graduates will earn their Master of Engineering degree (M.Eng.) from PES University, which enables them to apply for their doctoral degree thereafter.

Engineers without experience in simulation based engineering as well as freshers have the chance to gain simulation knowledge, explained on practice-oriented examples in the ANSYS Training Course (ATC, which carries 5 Credits) taught by CADFEM Engineering during the first semester. Engineers with Simulation experience have the flexibility to attend this training module but at the end of the module they need to qualify the Module exam to gain 5 credits. Additionally, at least nine specialized modules must be completed from the module listing, including seven compulsory modules, over five semesters. The elective courses can be selected from the module catalogue of the master program or from a range of cooperating higher education institutions, so long as they are equivalent. Starting from fifth semester onwards you have the possibility to take part at a module at any other university out of the esocaet consortia. We are happy to provide personalized advising concerning the possibility to earn credit through individual modules and from cooperating universities.

The master thesis generally involves the scientific processing of a task for your own company. The final program component takes place through a master’s thesis defense at the university.

More about the Program

Master’s by Research in Applied Computational Mechanics (M. Eng., 80 credits)

Every year Program begins in September

3-year program with 6 semesters

Comprehensive combination of modules as needed

Experienced professors from various universities and the Industry

The language of instruction is English

As the program has been running since 2005 in Germany, students may choose the option for studying one or more modules in Germany at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and Landshut UAS at the fifth semester at the earliest. For those modules that are successfully completed at a German University you will be awarded with Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt certificate.

The ideal candidates are university graduates, who have already collected professional experience in engineering or science, and who are interested in a professional or managerial career in the field of product development with a focus on simulation. The program is also open for professionals who have been contemplating a diploma, bachelor’s, master’s or even a doctoral degree.

Students who are coming directly from University will get training courses in simulation in the first semester. All students are free to choose their own program like the whole master program or only module studies.

  • Mathematics and Computational Methods
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Finite Element Method
  • Materials and Material Models
  • Computational Dynamics
  • Geometrically Nonlinear and Contact Analysis
  • Additional elective Courses
  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics*
  • Optimization and Robust Design*
  • Multibody Systems*

*Elective Modules

Simulation Management

Project Work

Credits that you earned from modules taken at esocaet Studies programs abroad will be taken into account.

Training on Structural Mechanics using ANSYS will be provided for freshers and working professionals who do not have the simulation experience as part of the Master’s program.

Professors from University and Industry

Dr. Suresh Nagesh, PES University

Academic Director

Geometrically Nonlinear and Contact Analysis, Materials and Material Models, Project, Solid Mechanics

Prof. Patil, PES University

Multibody Systems

Dr. Ravichandran, PES University

Computational Dynamics, Mathematics and Computational Methods, Project

Prof. B.Rammohan, PES University

Finite Element Methods,

Dr. K S Venkatesha, PES University

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fatigue and Fracture, Project

Senior engineers, CADFEM Engineering

Excercises and simulation lab in several modules

Few elective modules will be dealt by professors from Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

The study is divided into in-person and self-study phases. The classroom includes lectures, seminar-like classes and practical exercises. Overall, you need to plan for about 110 days of in-person attendance within three-years, as well as eight to ten hours per week for independent study. The classroom teaching takes place at PES university, usually on Friday and Saturday. Thus, the program is specifically tailored to the needs of those who are working, and it can also be completed with longer travel distances.

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CADFEM strongly believe Simulation is more than Software. CADFEM over the years has become not only a major software supplier but also grown as a consulting service provider and training fresh talents in complex CAE topics. In pursuit of providing high standard education, CADFEM India had joined hands with PES University in India to replicate the most popular and favorite Master’s Program of Germany in the field of CAE. You can know more about CADFEM at

Fee: 6 Lakhs rupees for 3 years

Payment: Can be paid in easy installments

We have compiled information regarding student finances. Loan assistance is provided.

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and UAS Landshut

HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil

University Witten/Herdecke

PES University, Bangalore


For admission to the master’s degree program the following is required:

  • University degree in engineering or natural sciences
  • PESSAT entrance exam qualification
  • Interview with PESU


Find out more about the studies and the prerequisites. We recommend you to contact us at an early stage for a prospective customer interview and submit your documents for a preliminary examination.

Register for PESSAT ( Entrance examination
You shall hand in your application to PESU by 31st of July the latest.Following the examination of your documents you will be invited to an interview at PESU campus
After the end of the application period, letter of approval will be sent and the tuition fee of 100.000,- IND Rupees must be paid to University for the 1st Semester.
After that you will be enrolled at PESU.


Do you have any questions regarding the contents of the course? Do you want to make sure that the application is successful? Is it important for you to clarify the timetable at an early stage with your employer, colleagues and family?

If yes, please contact us. We advise you personally!


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