Students now have a choice to choose between the two campuses, the Ring Road Campus and the Electronic City Campus. No matter which of the two campuses of PES University you select, you can look forward to the same enriching academic environment, scholarships, placement opportunities, research options and summer internships.

PESU, Ring Road Campus


Programs: BTech, BArch, BDes, BBA-LLB (LAW), BBA, BBA-HEM, MBA, MCA, MTech, MS, PhD

PESU, Electronic City Campus

Previously PESIT, South Campus


Programs: BTech (CS, ECE & Mech), BCA, BBA, MTech, MS, PhD

PESSAT 2018: All PESSAT Rank holders will be sent invitations to participate in the counseling for both campuses.

COMED-K / CET 2018: Please register at to be eligible for casual vacancy admissions to PES University Campuses.

We believe that the development of new technologies affords us an unprecedented opportunity to transform the learning experience for our students. The creation of supporting infrastructure is a major element of our core strategy. PES University campuses are carefully developed in response to student and faculty needs. All our campuses incorporate infrastructure that matches the best in the country – ensuring that students have everything they need for a stimulating campus life.

Classrooms and Labs and research facilities

For students, the classroom environment is very important. We have used expert designers to coordinate the extent of the classroom and interior areas, the colors of the walls, the type of furniture and flooring, the amount of light, and the overall arrangement. Students have access to the latest computing facilities. High speed connectivity with WiFi access has proved to be effective in whole new ways. The students are quick to analyze what they have learnt and get additional perspective on what they have been taught. At PES, 40 different computer laboratories across the campuses house over a thousand computers for use by students and staff. High-end, sophisticated computing facilities are available to meet project requirements and encourage research.


PES University is home to a common library with a rich collection of books, journals, and databases. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available for reference in the library. Trained staff is always at hand to assist students. In addition to these resources, faculty members dynamically upload all their lecture and research notes on the PES Intranet.

Interactive Spaces and auditoriums

Outside the classroom, secure hostels and modern cafeterias provide comfortable on-campus living. The university maintains high standards in hygiene, environment, sanitation, safety and health. The campus has grounds to host football and cricket matches exclusively for the university events. The campus houses facilities for a wide range of sports that include table tennis, tennis, volleyball, basketball and gymnasium to name a few. The leafy expanse is dotted by small amphitheaters and assembly areas to host meaningful events big and small. Multiple conference halls, small and big provide the right ambience for cultural and academic events to address smaller groups to bigger audiences.