Who are we? A community for everyone

QForest started as a student organization at PES University, Bangalore, India, but has since evolved into a hub for quantum computational activity, hosting workshops on quantum programming, talks from quantum computation scientists and security specialists, and supporting research efforts within quantum computing.

The backbone of QForest is exploration — of exciting, new technologies, and using them to push the boundaries of what we think is possible.

What have we done so far?

QForest, since its inception has been dedicated to spreading awareness about the field of quantum computation.

A few of the activities we’ve conducted and taken part in are:

  • Bangalore’s first Quantum Computing Day held at PES University, with over a 100 attendees and talks by experts in the field from IISc and industry experts in Quantum Security from QNu Labs.
  • Took part in Prakalpa 2019, where Team QForest displayed models for Quantum True Number Generators and Quantum Machine Learning (Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm and Quantum K-Means).
  • Took part in Epsilon 2019, where Team QForest gave a talk on how quantum mechanics can pave the way for a teleportation fueled quantum internet.