CEO’s Letter

Dear Patron,

The Peoples Education Society (PES) was established in 1972, in Bangalore, with the objective of developing an institution offering need-based education. Prof. M.R. Doreswamy founded PES with a vision “to create professionally superior and ethically strong global manpower”. He established the Pre-University College in the early seventies and followed it up with institutions for pursuing degrees of: Bachelor of Commerce (1980), Diploma of Pharmacy (1982), Polytechnic (1983), Bachelor of Science (1984), Bachelor of Engineering (1988), Bachelor of Business Management (1994), Master of Computer Applications (1977), Master of Business Administration (1977) and the Master of Science – Microbiology (1998). On the inauguration of the Silver Jubilee Complex (worth Rs.15 crores), in the second week of March 2000, the management of PES  initiated several programs to step up the quality of the activities in the new millennium. Mobilization of Rs.1 crore as seed capital towards an endowment fund is one of them. The institute intends to set up the ‘PES Endowment Fund’ to support the following causes:

The Management of PES proposes to use only the interest earned on this fund to support the above mentioned activities. The institution will cover the balance until adequate funds are collected. This endeavour required a sum of over Rs.12 lakhs last year.

Projects like these can be undertaken only with the confidence and generosity of various sections of the society. The support extended by patrons like you, has been the primary reason for the substantial growth of our institution. Your contribution would greatly assist in making your PES a world-class institution.

Partner us in the service of society.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. D. Jawahar,
CEO, PES Institutions

Gift Voucher Awards
Rs. 500/- Distinction Awards
Rs. 5000/- Student Assistantships
Rs. 5000/- Poor Students Tuition Fee Waivers
Rs. 5000/- Poor Students Hostel Fee Waivers
Rs. 10,000/- Outstanding Students Awards
Rs. 10,000/- Cash Award for Rank Holders
Rs. 10,000/– Outstanding Faculty Awards
Rs. 50,000/- – Faculty Chair Contributions
Rs. 5,00,000/- Community Development Contributions

Programs and Contribution

List of ‘PES Endowment Fund’ programs and the amount you can contribute :

Program Contribution Amount
1. Fund for Community Devlopment Activities
The interest from this fund will be used for community development initiatives that include supporting 12 rural Government Kannada Primary Schools, Vocational Training Programs for school dropouts, Community Housing for the underprivileged, drinking water for the needy, etc.
INR 5,00,000/- or USD 12,500
2. Fund for faculty chairs in association with industries
The interest from this fund will be given as additional emolument to distinguished professors. This would greatly assist in attracting distinguished faculty to the rolls of the institute. The PES management will also put in an equal amount, and the donor will be involved in the selection process.
INR 5,00,000/- or USD 12,500
3. Fund for cash award to Rank Holders/Best Outgoing Students
This annual award of INR10,000/-along with a Certificate of Merit is given to each student who figures in the University Rank List or is voted as the best all-rounder from each department by its faculty.
INR 1,00,000/- or USD 2,500
4.Fund for Faculty Improvement & Recognition Activities
This annual award of INR10,000/- along with a Certificate of Merit, is given to one outstanding member from the faculty of each department.
INR 1,00,000/- or USD 2,500
5.Fund for Fee Concessions to poor students
This annual award of INR 5,000/- covers a waiver of tuition fee/ hostel fee to the deserving merit-cum-means student.
INR 1,00,000/- or USD 2,500
6. Fund for Student Assistantships
This annual award of INR 5,000/- along with a Certificate of Merit, is given to each student securing 4 consecutive distinctions in the first 2 academic years and assists the faculty in academic activities.
INR 50,000/- or USD 1,250
7. Fund for Distinctions Awards to students
This annual award of INR 500/- in the form of book coupons along with a Certificate of Merit, is given to each student securing 2 consecutive distinctions in an academic year.
INR 5,000/- or USD 125

How to Give

Learn about different programs and contribution amount for each program from “Programs & Contribution”.

All payments have to be made in cheques or demand drafts drawn in favour of “PES Endowment Fund” payable at Bangalore, India.

Along with your payments enclose a letter about the program name(s) to which you are contributing, name and contact address of the donor. If you are sponsoring an award and wanted to title the award in a specific name, do mention the details of it.

Mail all you payments and communicatons to:

Peoples Education Society
100ft ring road, Banashankari III Stage,
Bangalore-560085, India

Fax: 91-80-6720886,
Phone: 91-80- 6721983 / 6722108 / 6722882,