This is applicable to students taking Admission to Programmes at PES University Ring Road Campus & PES Hanumanth Nagar Campus only


  • Contact Boys Hostel office.
  • Hostel persons will assist you in taking round the Hostel facility.
  • Visit Rooms in the Blocks ear-marked for Fresher’s getting admitted to 1st year of PhD/ PG/UG/PU/Diploma programs in PES Institutions.
  • If satisfied and desires to seek Hostel accommodation, may go ahead with following Procedure


Step 1. Introduction of the Local Guardian [LG] to Warden/Asst Manager
Step 2. To Register & Attend the Briefing session.
Step 3. Submission of filled Hostel application form along with all enclosures.
Step 4 . Payment of Hostel fee


Step 1. Introduction of the Local Guardian [LG]

  • A LG, aged 35 Years or more, is a must. The LG should know English. Parents have to identify a proper LG. The Identified LG should be introduced to the Warden / Asst Manager.
    If approved as acceptable by the Warden / Asst Manager, can go to step 2

Step 2. To Register & Attend the Briefing session.

  • Student, Parent and the Local Guardian should necessarily attend the Briefing session.
  • Should register at the Hostel office a convenient available date to attend the Briefing session by Student, Parent & Local Guardian together.
  • Student, Parent & Local Guardian should be seated at least 10 minutes earlier to the start of the Briefing session in the venue prescribed.
  • Once meeting starts, nobody will be allowed to get in.
  • Use of mobile is not allowed during the Briefing session.
  • Children are not allowed to the Briefing session area.
  • The Briefing session, followed by issue of Application form to interested, will take around 3 Hours duration.
  • After the completion of briefing session, interested may obtain the Application form by paying Rs. 100/-
  • Hostel Application form will be issued in the same venue. The Application will be issued only after attending the Briefing session.

Step 3. Submission of duly filled Hostel application form along with all enclosures

Step 4. Payment of Hostel fee: To be paid only through DD drawn in favor of “PESIT Hostel”, payable at Bengaluru. An ‘Acknowledgement’ – will be given, confirming the Provisional admission to the Hostel for 2019-20

Please note the following important points:

  1. Mere procuring Hostel Application form by paying Rs.100/ and / or getting DD for the prescribed amount without completing all the admission procedure said in pages 1/2 & 2/2, will neither entitle the applicant / Parent to demand, nor guarantees the Hostel seat; nor even it will be binding on the part of Hostel Authorities’ [HA] to reserve the Hostel Seat / Accommodation.
  2. Only if all the 4 steps given in the procedure for admission said in pages 1/2 & 2/2 are fulfilled to the satisfaction of the HA before the seats are filled, the Hostel accommodation/seat is assured, and not otherwise.
  3. The LG is to be necessarily present during (a) Introduction to Warden/Asst Manager, (b) Briefing session & (c) while submitting the dully filled Application with Enclosures.
    The entire admission process may take about 2 to 3 days. It can be completed either at a stretch or in split – as per the convenience of the applicant, their Parents & LG.
    It cannot be finished in a hurry. Parents / LG / Students are requested not to pressurise us to hasten the process telling they are in a hurry to get back. Student, parents & LG are therefore informed to plan accordingly.
    However, earlier one completes all the Admission Procedure, better will be his chances for selection of preferred Block / Room of preference at the time of Permanent Room Allotment. This will be appraised in detail during Briefing session.
  4. The student can check-in to the Hostel only by a maximum of 3 days earlier to the start of the classes. The Check-in process involves: [a] Allotment of temporary Room [b] Issue of ID Cards, Food Coupons, LG/P Form Book, Landry kit etc,
  5. If all the students arrive on the day of starting of classes or just the previous day to check in to Hostel, there will be heavy rush. As a result, student & parents may have to wait / stand in queue along with their baggage for long duration, stretching from half an hour to four hours; or even more.
    To avoid this inconvenience, it is advisable that student arrives 1/2/3 days in advance to the actual start of the classes & finish the process of Check in to the hostel

For check-in to the hostel do not forget to bring:

  1. ‘Acknowledgement’ issued confirming the Provisional admission to the Hostel for 2019-20.
  2. One door Lock with 3 keys & One Lock with key for Wardrobe in the Room.