Questions relating to Admissions, PESSAT and Counseling

What is the full form of PESSAT?

PES (Peoples Education Society) Scholastic Aptitude Test

When does the registration for PESSAT open?

Registration for PESSAT opens in October every year.

When do I take PESSAT for BTech?

PESSAT for BTech is held in the month of May every year.

When can I book my slot to take PESSAT for BTech?

The test slot bookings for BTech commence in April every year. After booking the test slot, the candidate should take a print-out of Admit Card.

When do I take PESSAT for other courses?

For all other courses other than BTech, you can take PESSAT between January and July of every year at PES University campus. You should book your test slot online.

Which cities in India have test centres for BTech PESSAT?

Please refer the link http://pes.edu/pessat/ for information about PESSAT test centres in India for admission to BTech program.

Which cities in India have test centres for PESSAT for programs other than for BTech?

For programs other than for BTech, PES University, Bangalore is the only Test Centre.

How many times can I take PESSAT exam?

A candidate can take PESSAT only once.

Can I surrender the seat allotted through PESSAT, if I am allotted seat through KCET?

Yes, you may surrender a seat allotted to you through PESSAT and opt for the seat allotted through CET. The extra money will be refunded or adjusted against the fee payable.

Can I surrender management seat, if I get PESSAT or KCET seat?

Yes, you may surrender the management seat if you are allotted a seat through PESSAT or KCET. The extra money shall be refunded or adjusted against the fee payable.

I need to make corrections/modifications in my PESSAT application form. How can do it?

You may send a mail to pessat@pes.edu with the application number and the corrections/modifications.

While paying the application fee for PESSAT, the amount was deducted twice, what do I do?

You may send a mail to pessat@pes.edu. If the amount of fee is found to be deducted twice the excess amount will be refunded.

I have already paid the PESSAT application fee, but the PES portal says fee pending, what do I do?

Send a mail to pessat@pes.edu and it will be addressed.

Is there any negative marking in PESSAT?

There is no negative marking in PESSAT.

For BTech PESSAT counseling, is only my PESSAT rank considered or my 12th std/ 2nd PU marks are also considered?

For BTech counseling, only PESSAT rank which is generated based on PESSAT score of the candidate is considered. 12th std/ 2nd PU marks will be considered for eligibility purpose.

Is PESSAT score considered for admission to programs at all PES institutions?

PESSAT scores are considered for the courses offered at PES University – Ring Road Campus, Electronic City Campus and Hanumanth Nagar Campus

Can another person represent me at the PESSAT counseling for BTech at PES University?

Yes. Please download the authorization letter from the link http://pes.edu/pessat/pdf/Authorization_Letter.pdf , fill it, bring that authorization letter to the PES University campus before the counseling and get prior approval on it. One of the parents or guardian can represent the candidate with that. Please be informed that without the prior approval (seal and sign), the authorization letter will not be valid.

Is there an option to attend the counseling session from my hometown without coming to Bangalore?

No. The candidate or authorized representative must attend counseling at PES University, Bangalore.

I have applied for re-valuation of my 12th Std/ 2nd PU scores in some of the subjects, but PES requires me to upload the 12th/ 2nd PU scores on the website for the BTech counseling process. It will take some time before I get the final scores after re-valuation. What do I do?

You need to upload your marks before the last date mentioned on the website. If you do not get your revaluation scores before that please upload the existing one.

I am not able to take PESSAT exam for BTech at my designated centre on the date of the test. Can I take the test on another day at the same centre?

Other than the Bangalore test centre, we cannot provide you with an alternate date for taking the exam. However, you can take the test at the secondary centre on the date applicable to that center. Alternatively, you will be permitted to book the test slot for any of the announced dates for PESSAT exam and take the test at Bangalore.

If I fail to attend the BTech counseling on the specified day as per my rank, can I attend the counseling on the next day?

You can attend the counseling on the next day which is earmarked for candidates who have secured lower ranks.

What is the fee payable for the programs at PES University?

Please refer our website http://pes.edu/admissions/

What is the intake for different programs at PES University?

Please refer our website http://pes.edu/admissions/

What is the eligibility criteria for different programs at PES University?

What is the eligibility criteria for different programs at PES University?

Which PES campus offers pre-university, diploma, pharmacy and degree courses?

PES University Hanumanth Nagar Campus.

When will the courses commence at PES University?

All courses at PES University commence from the first Monday of August every year.

What is the process for admission to PhD program at PES University?

Detailed information on admission to PhD programs at PES University is available at http://pes.edu/phd/. For any other queries, please write to dean.research@pes.edu.

Are the courses at PES University and PES University Electronic City Campus taught by the same Professors?

No. The courses at PES University and PESIT South campus are taught by different Professors. Both the institutions ensure that all courses are handled by competent faculty.

What are the modes of admission to BTech program at PES University?

For Engineering, there are three modes of admission: Karnataka CET ranking, PESSAT ranking and Higher fee/NRI/Management quota. Only domicile students of Karnataka are eligible for KCET quota seats wherein they would take the KCET and secure admission through KCET counseling. Students from any country meeting the eligibility criteria for PESSAT can take the test and gain admission in PESSAT quota. For information regarding NRI/Higher fee/ Management quota, please contact the Admission Information Centre at PES University.

Is it mandatory for a student opting for admission through Management/ NRI/ Higher fee quota for BTech program to take CET or PESSAT?

Yes. The student has to take Karnataka CET or PESSAT even if the student wants to opt for admission through Management/ NRI/ Higher fee quota.

What are the modes of admission to programs at PES University other than BTech program?

Students need to take PESSAT even for admissions to programs other than BTech.

What is the eligibility criteria for admission to BTech at PES University?

Please refer the web page http://pes.edu/admissions/ for eligibility related information.

What are the modes of admission to BE/BTech program at PES University Electronic City Campus?

The three modes of admission to BE/BTech program at PESIT south campus are through: KCET, COMEDK and Higher fee/management quota/ NRI quota.

What is the process for admission to BTech-MTech integrated program?

The admissions process for integrated BTech-MTech programs is the same as for the BTech program. The student can opt for BTech-MTech integrated program in the third year of the BTech program. Candidate is not required to provide information on opting for integrated BTech-MTech program at the counseling for BTech program.

I have completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Can I join PES University?

If you are a diploma student from Karnataka and have cleared the Diploma CET conducted by Govt of Karnataka then you may be considered for admission to BTech at PES university. Non Karnataka candidates with a diploma are not eligible for admission to BTech program at PES University as they are not eligible to take Diploma CET conducted by Govt. of Karnataka.

Is there any difference with regard to faculty, classes and placements for students admitted through management quota and those admitted through KCET or PESSAT?

All students irrespective of the mode of admission receive the same training and get equal opportunity.

Is it mandatory to choose the specialization associated with the program at the time of counseling?

Yes, the candidate has to select the specialization associated with the program at the time of counseling.

Can I secure a seat at PES University for BTech program with specialization in CS or EE if I have secure 23158 rank in KCET but have not taken PESSAT?


Till what rank in PGCET for MBA can one aspire to get into PES University?

Historically, students with a PGCET rank within 150 have gained admission to MBA program at PES University.

What is the procedure for admission to Bachelor of Design program at PES University?

The candidate has to register for PESSAT and take Design Aptitude Test (DAT). On the same day, the candidate has to appear for an interview in the Dept of Architecture and Design. The results of both DAT and the interview will be intimated to the candidate within 3 working days through email and SMS. If the result meets the university’s admission criteria, the candidate can proceed with the admission. Further steps for admission will be informed over the email.

What is the procedure to secure admission through PESSAT for Bachelor of Architecture at PES University?

Admissions for B.Arch is based on NATA score and the 12th/ 2nd PU marks of the candidate (as per CoA norms). The candidate has to register for PESSAT and upload both the NATA and 12th std/ 2nd PU scores on the university’s website. PES University will conduct counseling based on the above scores and the seats will be allotted to the eligible candidates.

What is the procedure for admission to BBA, LLB integrated program at PES University?

If joining through CLAT score, the candidate has to upload CLAT score on the website. If joining though PESSAT, candidate needs to register for and take PESSAT at PES University.

If I have any queries regarding admission, how do I get it clarified?

For questions pertaining to PESSAT, you can send a mail to pessat@pes.edu. For queries pertaining to admissions in general and through higher fee/Management/NRI quota, you can send a mail to admissions@pes.edu

Questions relating to Placements

Which companies visit PES University for recruiting students of engineering programs?

Every year close to 150 companies visit the campus. The companies who have visited includes Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, GE, Tech Mahindra, Cisco, Intuit, SAP labs, Robert Bosch, KPMG, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Dell, Oracle, TVS, Mahindra, Capgemini and more.

Does the University provide pre-placement training?

Yes. We provide pre-placement training to all our students before they appear for their campus interviews.

Which are the companies that visit PES University for recruiting students of MBA program?

There are close to 100 companies who visit our campus every year to recruit MBA students. The companies who have visited includes Deloitte, Genpact, Bosch, Morgan Stanley, HDFC, ITC, Man Trucks, ICICI, TATA teleservices, Amazon, Nestle, Honeywell, Oracle, Thomson Reuters, Toyota, Ernst and Young, Mercedes Benz and more.

How does the placement record of PES University compare with that of PES University Electronic City Campus?

The placements are centralized at PES University for the students of both campuses. The students of both campuses are combined in a single group for placements.

For placements after BTech, do companies consider only the marks in BTech or consider the 12th grade and 10th grade marks as well?

Generally, companies expect an overall score of 60% and above right from 10th grade to BTech.

Questions relating to Transport facility and Hostel

Is transport facility available from my area in Bangalore?

Please refer to our webpage Transportation for information regarding the bus routes and contact details of transport manager.

Are hostel facilities available for both boys and girls of PES University?

Yes. All hostels are managed by PES. The boys’ hostel is within the campus. The girls’ hostel is about 2 Km distance from campus for which college buses are available.

How is the food facility at PES hostels?

Food is provided according to a regular menu fixed by the college management. The menu is a mix of north and south Indian cuisines. Requests from the students to change the menu will not be entertained.

How is the security arrangement at the hostels?

24 hours security is provided for both boys and girls hostels.

Is laundry facility available at PES hostels?

Yes, a permanent laundry service is available at both boys’ and girls’ hostels.

Can students opt for day boarding option at PES hostel?

Yes. Students opting for this option will be allowed to go home on Friday evenings and return to the hostel on Monday mornings.

When can I approach the university for hostel-admissions?

The parent or the student can decide on hostel admissions at the time of admission to the program.

Are the hostels wifi enabled?


Is any accommodation facility apart from hostel available?

Other than hostels, PES does not provide any other accommodation facility for the students. The students can opt to stay out of campus and make their own accommodation arrangements.

General questions

What are the timings for the students of PES University?

All courses at PES University follow the below timings…
8:15 AM – 9:15 AM – 1st class hour
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM – 2nd class hour
10:15 AM – 10:45 AM – Short break
10:45 AM – 11:45 AM – 3rd class hour
11:45 AM – 12:45 PM – 4th class hour
12:45 PM – 1:30 PM – Lunch break
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM – 5th class hour
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM – 6th and the last class hour

Which are the two campuses of PES in Bangalore for Engineering?

The two campuses for Engineering at Bangalore are: PES University Ring Road campus @ outer ring road, BSK 3rd stage and PES University Electronic City campus @ Electronic city, hosur road.

How do I know the different courses offered at different campuses of PES?

Please refer our website http://pes.edu/campuses/ for more information about the different programs offered at different campuses.

What are the extra-curricular events held at PES University?

There are close to 50 clubs at PES University for activities ranging from music, dance, cultural to technical, to CSR. For more information, please visit the webpage http://pes.edu/clubs/

What are the sports facilities available at PES?

PES University supports all major sports and games. There is a full sized cricket ground, 2 basketball courts (both indoor and outdoor), table tennis courts and mini hockey pitch on campus. A fully equipped gymnasium is on campus.

How is campus life at PES other than studies?

There are close to 50 different clubs which students can join to based on their interests. There are a plethora of sports options available to take part in. There are many activities happening on campus and off campus in which PES teams participate actively.

Are there any food canteens on campus?

There are 2 canteens offering north and south Indian cuisines. There are many snack and coffee points on campus.

Does PES host any annual cultural fest?

Yes and it’s called Atmatrisha. It is one of the biggest techno-cultural fests among all technical colleges in India.

How strict are the anti-ragging rules at PES?

Anti-ragging measures are taken extremely seriously at PES. The anti-ragging committee is headed by the Vice-Chancellor and overseen by the top management. Any student involved in ragging on campus may expelled from the university and handed over to the jurisdictional police station as per law.

Is there a counseling centre at PES University?

Yes. We have psychiatric and career counseling cells at PES University run by full time qualified professionals.

Is there an infirmary on Campus?

Yes, we have a fully equipped infirmary and a full time doctor on campus. An ambulance and a tie up with a super specialty hospital in case of emergencies is always available.

Are there any scholarships provided for admissions to BTech courses for deserving candidates?

Scholarships are not provided before admission. After admissions, there are a host of scholarships available for the deserving candidates. Please refer the web link http://pes.edu/scholarships/ for more info about the scholarships.

Are any special classes arranged for students’ struggling academically?

Yes. There special mentoring sessions are conducted by the faculty to help students who find a particular subject or a topic difficult to understand. Recordings of each class can be accessed by students on the portal.

What is the concept of major-minor courses at PES for BTech students?

With this unique concept at PES, a student who has chosen a particular specialization can take up a minor course in another specialization (e.g. major in CS and minor in electronics or major in electronics and minor in biotechnology). This will help them at the time of choosing the area of specialization in their master’s program or to gain deeper knowledge in an area of interest.

What are the opportunities for global exposure at PES?

PES University offers summer program options for their students at top global Universities. Please find more information in the link http://pes.edu/summerprograms/

Do students need to abide by a dress code?

Students are expected to follow a dress code to ensure discipline and professional mind set. The exact particulars will be informed during the induction process.

What are the accreditations and recognitions of PES University and PES University Electronic City Campus?

PES University is recognized by UGC and accredited by NAAC (A grade). Since PES is a Private University, it does not need an AICTE accreditation. PESIT South campus is accredited by AICTE and has UGC recognition.

What is the grading system followed at PES University?

PES University follows a 10 point grading system incorporating relative and absolute grading.

Do I get a laptop on joining?

No. PES does not provide laptops or any other freebies.

Does the University conduct industrial visits?

Yes. Industrial visits are conducted for the benefit of MBA and BTech students.

What is the level of attendance required to be eligible to take the university exams?

80% attendance is mandatory for a student to take the exam.

What are the major differences between PES University and PES University Electronic City Campus?

PESIT South Campus is affiliated to VTU and follows the curriculum and the syllabus set by VTU, Belgaum, Karnataka. PES University is a private University with the autonomy to design the curriculum and decide the pedagogy. This enables PES University to tailor the curriculum to changing industry requirements and adopt innovative and proven techniques in teaching and learning.

How competent and qualified are the teachers at PES institutions?

PES Institutions recruit qualified and experienced faculty. Emphasis on industry exposure, research experience and doctoral qualifications ensures quality teaching.

Do I have to pay the fee in full or in installments?

There is no provision to pay fees in installments. All payments are to be made in full.

How is the library? Do you have e-facility?

PES University has a centralized library along with departmental libraries in their respective departments. The library has e-facility where the students can access electronic copy of various journals, magazines, and databases subscribed.

Is the campus wifi enabled?

wifi is provided in all buildings but not in open areas.